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National Cat Lovers Month 
December 1, 2022

If you’re a cat lover, this is the month for you! From December 1st to the 31st, we’ll be celebrating National Cat Lovers Month. That means it’s time to get out your whiskers and celebrate all things feline. 

So what if you don’t own a pet? This is still the perfect time of year to learn more about these wonderful creatures and perhaps adopt one yourself! 

Read on as a local vet talks about cats and all the eccentricities that make them so lovable.

Low-Maintenance Pets

Cats are relatively low-maintenance pets. Unlike dogs, they don’t need to be walked or taken on long runs every day. They can be litter trained and will use the same spot repeatedly if it’s convenient for them. 

Cats are also great at entertaining themselves with their own playthings, so they’re not as likely to whine when you’re away from home. 

Lots of “Purrr-sonality”

Cats are great companions. They can be loyal, loving, and affectionate. However, cat behavior can be very specific to each individual cat. 

A kitten who has never been around other cats will behave differently than an adult cat who has always lived with other cats, and both will likely behave differently from a socialized cat who grew up around both people and other animals. 

Some cats are affectionate, some prefer their independence and privacy, while others enjoy being highly social with you and your family members (even strangers).

Keeping Your Cat Happy

Cats are extremely intelligent, and they need to be engaged with their humans in order to be happy. They enjoy toys that are interactive and can play with you or other people. Many cats also like being able to “hunt” in your house by having little toys that they can chase around.

Cats are very playful creatures—they were originally bred from desert-dwelling felines who needed an outlet for their energy! However, they do tend to get bored easily if they don’t have something new or exciting every now and again.

Finding the Cat That’s Right for You

Cats come in many different shapes and sizes. Some cat breeds are more popular than others, but you can still find a breed that’s right for you. If you’re looking for a cat with long hair, there’s one for that! If you’re looking for a cat with short fur, there’s one for that too! 

The most important thing is to make sure that the breed of your choice matches your lifestyle and personality.

If you have more questions or need help with finding a cat to adopt, please don’t hesitate to call us, your local vet, today!