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Meet the folks who make it all happen. We see big potential in every moment, & care deeply about what we do every day.

Dr. Laura Remsen

Owner, Veterinarian

When Dr. Laura Remsen came to Nevada in the spring of 2002, she knew she didn’t want to live in Reno; she’s from a tiny town in Idaho and doesn’t consider herself a city person. When she saw that a position was open at a clinic 35 miles east of Reno, she was intrigued and quickly secured an interview. It just so happened that the previous owner was leaving, so Dr. Remsen took the chance to purchase the clinic! She’s owned and operated Animal Care Center in Fernley ever since.

Thanks to her father’s military career, Dr. Remsen grew up all over the country. After completing high school in California, she attended California Polytechnic Institute in San Luis Obispo for her undergraduate degree in biochemistry. After graduating, she began working in embryonic research before being recruited by Louisiana State University to set up a laboratory in Baton Rouge. While there, she attended Louisiana State to receive her veterinary degree, and was the first student at the school to complete a veterinary program and PhD program at the same time. After receiving her DVM and PhD degrees, Dr. Remsen moved to Portland, Oregon, where she began working in cancer research. She also served at a general practice veterinary clinic and a local 24-hour emergency facility before moving to Nevada.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Remsen has a few particular areas of interest. Geriatric care is one; nothing is more heartwarming than seeing a grey-muzzled, tail-wagging pet and knowing that they’re still comfortable! Dr. Remsen also enjoys teaching, whether she’s instructing her fellow staff on the latest medical procedure or letting clients know how to best care for their pets.

Dr. Remsen has three dogs and a cat. Fly, a Border collie/Jack Russell mix, enjoys chasing rabbits in the desert and dancing with the wild mustangs around Dr. Remsen’s property; Kooka was found on the side of the road by a client of the hospital’s, after which Dr. Remsen ended up adopting her; and Widgeon is a hunting retriever who serves as Animal Care Center’s clinic ambassador. Minnie Mae, a rescued cat, rounds out the animal family.

When not tending to her duties around the clinic, Dr. Remsen enjoys ice hockey. She learned to skate when she was 32 years old, and even played on a team for years while she lived in Portland!