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Choosing a Puppy
March 1, 2015

Did you know that March 23 is National Puppy Day? We think every day should be Puppy Day! In a way, though, puppies are in the spotlight on any given day, as people choose and adopt their canine furbabies. When faced with a litter of adorable furballs, picking the right puppy for you can be tricky. Some people may take one look at a puppy and immediately know that they’ve found their dog. Others may need more careful deliberation and consideration. In this article, your Fernley vet offers tips on choosing the right puppy.


The first thing you’ll want to look for are the signs of a healthy dog. Little Fido’s eyes should be clear and bright, and should react to visual stimuli. His coat should be soft and healthy-looking, and his body should be robust, rather than bony. Healthy puppies are typically little bundles of energy, so make sure your little one is alert and active.


Watching how a puppy interacts with his brothers and sisters can be very telling. A baby canine that is usually on the bottom of the puppy ‘play pile’ will likely be submissive, while the ‘Top Dog’ may have a more dominant personality. Pooches that tend to be by themselves a lot may be shy by nature.


While much of Fido’s adult behavior will be based on his training and experiences, some of it will be determined by his individual personality. Pups that are friendly and playful as puppies usually grow into friendly and playful adults. If a puppy is truly scared, he may never outgrow that fear, which may turn into aggression as he matures. Check to see if the little one enjoys being handled and petted, or if he wiggles to be put down.

All these factors aside, the most important thing is that you follow your heart. You may start out with a detailed and specific checklist, only to fall in love with a timid, shy runt who doesn’t meet any of your criteria. That’s perfectly fine! Just remember that a dog is a lifetime commitment. When you bring little Fido home, you’ve embarked on a beautiful journey of friendship and love with your canine pal. Don’t get a puppy unless you can commit to that dog for his entire life.

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