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Five Common Kitty Treats That Are Actually Bad for Cats
April 1, 2015

Do you pamper your cat? Our feline friends are very good at convincing their owners to spoil them. Your furry little diva might have kitty furniture, lots of fun toys, comfy beds, and the best food kitty can buy. Then, there are snacks. Kitties love treats, but some of the most common treats people give their furballs are not good for them. In this article, your Fernley veterinarian lists five treats that are bad for Kitty.


While this popular fish is often found in cat food, tuna that is processed for human consumption can cause problems. Some kitties can develop a painful condition called steatitis from eating too much tuna. A little tuna is fine on occasion, but don’t overdo it!


Small bits of liver are okay once in a while, but too much liver can cause kitties to get vitamin A toxicosis, which is very dangerous. Don’t give your furry friend too much liver!

Raw Eggs

There’s an old wives’ tale that feeding your furball raw eggs will make her fur smooth and shiny. The truth is, raw eggs are both good and bad for cats. On the one hand, raw egg yolks are packed with nutrients. The whites, however, contain a protein that can cause fur and skin issues. Separate eggs before giving them to your kitty, and be sure to only give Fluffy the yolk.


The iconic image of a kitty happily lapping up a saucer of milk is a cultural classic, but it’s also incorrect. Kitties become lactose intolerant when they stop nursing, and many cannot digest milk as adults. While some cats can digest milk without issue, others may vomit, get diarrhea, or become a bit ‘gassy’.

Raw Fish

Raw fish contains thiaminase, which can break down thiamine in cats and lead to a B vitamin deficiency. This deficiency can cause several problems, including neurological issues. Don’t give Fluffy raw fish.

So what should you give your kitty for a special snack? Kitty treats are the number one choice. Aside from cat treats, small bits of cooked, unseasoned, boneless meat or fish are really your best bet.

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