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How to Win an Argument With Your Cat
May 1, 2015

Does your feline pal like to argue? Our furry little friends manage to pack a lot of character, along with quite a few quirks, into a small package. Kitties all have their own unique temperaments. There are shy kitties and bold kitties, kitties that love to cuddle and those that are aloof. Some kitties are very quiet, while others are almost always chatting. And then there are kitties that tend to, well, argue. In this article, your Fernley vet discusses the three most common arguments people have with their cats, and how to win them.


Kitties tend to be quite vocal about their mealtimes. If Kitty insists she’s starving, try leaving dry food out at all times. If you feed her canned food, keep these meals on a schedule. When Fluffy demands food, just top off her kibble. Check with your vet before implementing this regimen, so you can be sure it suits your furry little diva’s nutritional needs.

Sleeping Spots

Kitties love nothing more than a good, long nap, except perhaps several good, long naps. In fact, our feline friends can sleep up to 18 hours a day! This usually isn’t an issue, except when Fluffy decides to curl up in a fresh basket of laundry, or steals your seat as soon as you get up. Offer your feline pal a comfy cat bed, so she can nap without inconveniencing you.

Outdoor Access

Fluffy is much safer inside, where she’s protected from the dangers posed by cars, parasites, predators, and other hazards. Your little furball, however, may not see it that way. Satisfy your feline friend’s taste for the outdoors by putting a cat tower in front of a window that overlooks trees or a lawn. Kitty may love watching birds and squirrels! If your furry pal still isn’t satisfied, make your patio into a catio, complete with non-toxic plants and kitty furniture.

In closing, we do want to address the fact that most of our suggestions more or less entail giving in to your furball. In fact, we might be advising you to spoil Fluffy a little. The truth of the matter is you can’t win an argument with a cat. In fact, you may have to resort to bribery.

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